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Looking For A Better Way?

Partner With Us

We’re always open to expanding our partner network of Financial Institutions.

Hard or soft, new technology integrations are welcome if the shoe fits. Built on a reliable system of partnered banks and financial institutions, we understand the benefits of leveraging mutually beneficial arrangements to expand our vision of financial inclusion.

Open to partnerships with FinTech companies, if you have hardware or software that could integrate smoothly with us here at WAIV, we want to hear from you.

To explore either opportunity, feel free to get in touch to start the ball rolling.
Your Best Travel Partner

Travelling Internationally?

To make sure your money moves with you, you can ensure your funds are accessible on demand with our anytime, anywhere technology. It pays to be prepared.

Are you moving overseas? Going to work in another country? Studying abroad? WAIV is a better way to ensure your funds are accessible on demand. It’s also a great way to send money back home to those who need it.

If you join now, you’ll receive:

 •  A bank account with a bank in your country;
 •  A debit card linked to that account to use anywhere, in person or online;
 •  Access to our mobile app, where payment access is at your fingertips;
 •  International payments for a low, flat fee;
 •  Free domestic payments in participating countries.
What You Need To Know

Features and Benefits Checklist

We understand the value of saving you money, it’s a big part of our solution. We also like to do things quickly. So, minus the boring details, here’s a list of key things to remember.

Put those pens away, we’ve ticked all the boxes.

App and Portal
 •  View transactions
 •  Manage and transfer between linked accounts
 •  Pay an external account
 •  Establish direct debits for recurring bills
 •  Set spend limits and manage budgets

 •  Funds transfers will be converted to local currency
 •  Best available Foreign Exchange rate will display during transfers

Debit Card
 •  Pay in-store retailers with direct debit
 •  Available for online purchases
 •  ATM withdrawals for cash on the run
Borderless transactions are a better way.
Get Your Money Moving

No Nasty Surprises Or Delays

Make pressing transfers in seconds for a low, flat fee. No nasty surprises or delays. We have battle tested our technology behind the scenes for priceless peace of mind.

Our technology has been through the wringer, so you have peace of mind:

Proven - With years of development input, our technology is based on a platform with multiple deployments internationally.

Modern - Our regularly updated modern frameworks including Java 8 and Spring 4, along with modularised architecture, enable simple banking integration. The latest customer interface is compatible with Web (Angular 4), iOS, and Android apps.

Scalable - Hosted in the cloud, WAIV technology’s automatic scaling handles peak loads and is backed by a fully duplicated failover protection.

Secure - With Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant infrastructure, WAIV demonstrates industry best practice for two-factor authentication and audit preservation.

Not Robotic, Just Tech Savvy

Human Friendly Technology

We understand that technology can be impersonal sometimes. After all, we’re human too. We also know it’s what makes the world go round, including your money.

Take a quick trip down the list to see how we’ve ensured your money safe and secure:

Technology - Each bank gets a single production instance of our technology that holds their own customers’ information in a unique, secure database.

Compliance - A virtual database is tailored to each bank with customised business rules. All information is securely protected locally and within our (PCI) compliance cloud.

Reconciliation - We process transactions and will send secure data files to the bank for reconciliation with their core banking platform.

Monitoring - Using Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF), Sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons end-to-end monitoring, we are able to report on suspicious activity.

Account Creation - Our technology has its own proprietary Know Your Customer (KYC) component which allows partner banks to set their Customer Identification Program (CIP) parameters according to their risk profile.

We utilise a bank of pre-assigned account numbers from each bank.
Splitting The Deck For Speed

The Need For Speed

To ensure speed of transfers, it’s important we keep your information separate. It’s a case of us stacking the deck in your favour to ensure smooth sailing for all.

All your information is segregated through a series of firewall rules, where we manage the entire technology stack. This enables payments to be processed instantly.

Production instances may be located in the same data centre, or distributed to other PCI secure premises around the world.

Production instances; the moving parts list:

 •  A single database of (customers and accounts) for each bank
 •  An application server
 •  A website
 •  The card interface to the processor
 •  Firewall rules specific to each bank
 •  A secure messaging infrastructure that conducts real time payments to other WAIV instances
 •  Other benefits such as notification server and transaction monitoring
 •  International Payments
No Credit Score? No Worries.

Start Scoring With Us

We don’t believe in doing a credit check before signing you up. No matter your credit score, we let it be our worry so you’re able to move your own money.

Your credit score is a variable calculation that affects what you can do financially. It can affect your ability to take out a loan with a bank, rent a car, land a job, or even sign up to certain financial services.

At WAIV, we don’t believe in doing a credit check before signing you up. We feel it’s important that, no matter your credit score, you’re able to move around your own money. If you have no credit history, or poor credit, signing up with WAIV is a great way to help you move forward.

With us, you’ll receive an account with a nominated financial institution and a debit card linked to the account. Most importantly you’ll gain access to our mobile app so you can do all your banking on the move. These simple steps will make a world of difference to how institutions view your credit score.

A Sea Of Features

We’ve Got You Covered

In an ocean of worry it’s always great to have a life raft. Something to keep you afloat when the seas get rough. An instructional manual of sorts.

No product is complete without a comprehensive overview. So here’s a bird’s eye one of ours:

 •  Access to data for all ad-hoc reporting requirements
 •  Standard reports

Account Opening
 •  Collection of customer information
 •  Verification of customer information (KYC)
 •  Platform contains proprietary KYC technology

Account Management
 •  Customise profile (photos, contacts)
 •  Customer notifications (email/text)
 •  Manage spend limits and lock card
 •  Update account information
 •  Two-step authentication
 •  View the fee rates
 •  Change password
 •  Check balances

 •  Withdrawal from ATM (same/external bank)
 •  Transfer between WAIV accounts
 •  Domestic and international payments
 •  Receipt notifications sent via email and text
 •  Transfer by email and phone
 •  Payment at POS
 •  Load from bank account (same/external)

Transaction Monitoring
 •  Fraud and suspicious activity monitoring
 •  Performance dashboard
 •  Customisable rules

Financial inclusion. Financial security. Financial freedom.

Financially resilient.

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