March 9, 2017
11:57 pm

Australian FinTech Company Expanding Their Payment Platform in Brazil for a Healthcare Program

WAIV have partnered with Medsis and Unisaúde, one of the largest entities for private healthcare in Brazil, to help extend the reach of the company’s new healthcare strategy. Unisaúde has created an insurance plan that caters to the middle and upper class individuals currently enrolled in the Brazilian government healthcare system.

WAIV is a financial technology company that has created a payment platform for faster, safer, and cheaper international and domestic money transfers.

The plan already has 1.9 million members in place, with an estimated 14 million more to be reached over the next 18 months. The aim of the ten-year plan is to provide wider and more affordable access to healthcare services and products, as well better insurance copays on eligible items and procedures. This can be as simple as being able to buy medication from the pharmacy at a discounted rate.

WAIV will be the financial bridge between Unisaúde and the members. For the program, WAIV will partner with a local bank to provide a bank account with a debit card, operated using a state-of-the-art mobile application, to all members. The program will allow members to securely pay their fees and access benefits, as well as maximize their savings. The provided cards will also serve as identity cards, ensuring the identity of each member in a unified database.

“It’s gratifying to see that Australian payment technology is being utilised by governments around the world,” John Fenga, CEO of WAIV, said. “We’re teaming up with Unisaúde to bring a platform that offers live payment access, more affordably, to the people of Brazil. WAIV is proud to be starting out the year with this incredibly important project.”

Medsis are donating their database technology, CEREBRO, through which they will merge all existing database systems into one unified civilian record. They will be working alongside US identification authentication company OrangeHook to ensure that the identity of each person will be unique throughout the new secure system. A guaranteed spend each year of over $2.2 billion USD ($2.9 billion AUD), in current spend estimates, has been calculated.

Dax Cabrera, the founder of Medsis, said, “Medsis is excited to partner with Unisaúde to revolutionize the existing system and provide better and more accessible solutions to all of their members.”

The Players

Unisaúde ( is a health insurance administrator affiliated with the Brazilian Government that offers health solutions for companies, relying on a large providers’ network. They work from an integral model of promotion, prevention, treatment, and maintenance.

WAIV ( is an international technology company who provide a global payment system, designed to make online banking safer, faster, and cheaper. Their aim is to increase financial inclusion for the 2 billion unbanked people worldwide.

Medsis ( is an international information technology company that provides platforms for data management, integration, consolidation and analysis. Their systems are designed to operate in environments with volatile infrastructure such as remote, rural and conflict areas.

OrangeHook ( is a global leader in identity solutions. Through its suite of proprietary technologies, OrangeHook helps health, government, and corporate entities with cloud-based validation, accreditation, and verification services.


  1. WAIV is not just a remittance company, but can provide intelligent, technical solutions for projects much grander in scale.
  2. The scale of the project grows WAIV’s reach, promoting domestic and international remittance. We want to think globally, and act locally, connecting people across borders.
  3. WAIV’s key philosophy is to give back and to take corporate responsibility wherever we do business. We want to make a difference.

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