We believe in giving back. We want to extend our hand to the people who have built us. That’s why we started the WAIV Foundation. The idea is help the communities who help us.

Part of the money we make from each country we set up in, will go right back into those communities. We plan to network with charities in each country that we believe represent our values the best.

We don’t want to just make money and wave to the people from a tower we’ve built ourselves. Part of the WAIV philosophy is to strengthen and build those countries up.

If you want to know more or find out ways you can help, drop us an email at: fouiF8j7dz*3bK!x3t8Mozu@zlJ@79oPKKa8!PaP@3endatio^K10HdrUqlZXSPTPxB%FMupdEA7$z1$n@4TbjvQtn@wai37PLPxLB6f8E9$JUeY6To&8QoDA@qHqzVrce!y^